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  • Structured Metrics Meta-model (21 March 2016 15:54)

    Most software system properties can be quantified with the application measurement processes. OMG’s Structured Metrics Meta-Model (SMM) supports the meta-model agnostic definition of those measurement processes. This project is the first building block of the MEASURE project tool chain, the Modelio modeling tool enabled with the SMM Module developed based in Modelio’s open source distribution to allow the specification of metrics. …

  • XSD user manual (French) (15 December 2015 11:37)
  • XSD user manual (English) (15 December 2015 11:35)
  • XSD user manual (15 December 2015 11:34)
  • Modelio [3.5.0] (15 December 2015 11:33)

    To get the last sources of XSD module for Modelio 3.5:

    svn export http://forge.modelio.org/svn/xsd-development/branches/modelio3.5.x