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It's not possible to specify minint and maxint in CombinedFragment loop operand

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…or at least the way to do so particularly unobvious. There’s no such option in Element tab, where I’d expect it to be.

According to UML spec, the syntax of loop operand is as follows (see UML Superstructure Specification, v2.4.1, p. 485).

"loop" ["(" <minint> ["," <maxint> ] ")"]

As far as I understand, this refers to the text in upper left corner of Combined Fragment, where you can find titles like “opt”, “alt”, etc.

Screenshot from the aforementioned UML spec is attached.

loop_example.png (14.2 KB) WGH WGH, 20 October 2013 17:39


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Modelio metamodel:

In UML minint and maxint are specified as an InteractionConstraint guard on the InteractionOperand of the loop combined fragment.

In Modelio InteractionConstraint has been reduced to a Guard string attribute on the InteractionOperand.

Modelio GUI:

To specify minint and maxint in Modelio you can click on the interaction operand (The ‘[]’ symbol inside the combined fragment).

You may then edit the guard in the “Element” property tab.

The loop condition then appears inside the interaction operand.

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If I undestand that correctly, this means all associated values of the InteractionConstraint – among other things, specification (inherited from Constraint), minint and maxint – have been reduced to a single string?

I believe it doesn’t conform to the specification. It’s also not clear how I should enter loop bound into guard string. Comma-separated? In parentheses? I haven’t found a way to enter them so they appear beside “loop” title, like on that image from the spec.

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Evolution request. Not planned.

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