Issue #205

Interface links cannot be shared between diagrams

Added by Brian Sipos over 6 years ago.

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I am running Modelio 3.1.2 on both Linux (Fedora-19) and Windows (Win-7). An issue I have run into is when using ports/interfaces across multiple drawings.

I create a new empty model, with only the basic modules loaded. I create classes: – “ClassA” with port providing an interface – “ClassB” and “ClassC” each with port requiring the same interface

Case 1: If I put all three classes/ports in one diagram and link the ports (i.e. drag the interfaces together) then this works properly and I see in the model a 3-way link.

Case 2: If I put “ClassA” and “ClassB” in one diagram and link the ports, I see the 2-way link properly. If I then create a second diagram with “ClassA” and “ClassC” and link their ports, the original link between “ClassA” and “ClassB” is deleted.

My expectation would be that the result is the same from ether Case 1 or Case 2 (i.e. both iface-required ports linked to the single iface-provided port). As a workaround, I can create multiple “provided interface” for the port, but this makes managing the model a lot more difficult to avoid accidentally deleting existing links.

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