Evolution #261

Extend & Generalize "Collection to use"

Added by Marcos García about 5 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:12 November 2015
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Looking on this I have seen that recently was added a new collection to the “Collection to use” select: ArrayDeque as Deque In my project i’m using LinkedBlockingDeque as BlockingDeque and wanted to add this.

Point is that the java collections is huge and surely growing/changing and the combinations between the used class and the generalization class makes it even bigger. I propose to make this selectable list customizable in an XML like, for example, javaCustomizationFile. This way, anybody can add a new combination out of the default list and will not be necessary to implement combinations by issuing here.

In case that I’m going too far, please add LinkedBlockingDeque as BlockingDeque on “Collection to use” list =D

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