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Reversing Java projects with dependencies with other projects

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Many times, a Java application is splitted into several Eclipse projects, each one having its own src folder. The logical thing to do is to start reversing the utilities projects first and then the application projects that have dependancies on the first ones.

Reversing the utilities projects works well and now they are in my model. When I reverse the application project that has dependancies on the first one, it tells me at the end of reverse process that all the imports clauses on the first project are not found. The end result is that the classes are not linked in the model. For example, the generalization link to a super-class cannot be shown, although the super-class has already been reversed previously.

In my mind, if a class is not visible from the reverse engine but already in the model, it should be found.


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As far as I understand, your project only needs a little configuration to be working as you need. The current type lookup algorithm doesn’t work with the model at all, but only with the accessible classes and sources. I added a wiki page that should make things a little clearer: Project classpath, types not found and external classes]]

Having several source folders for your Eclipse projects shouldn’t be a problem, as it is possible to create a Java Component for each plugin defining where the source folder is. (By the way, our Modelio development project itself works this way)

If you do not want to set several Java Components, you should add a jar of your utility project in your reverse libraries.

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Thanks for the info, will look at that closely.

BTW, your link to the wiki is broken. Actual URL is

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Thank you, I forgot the documentation wiki is part of another project… Links fixed.

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