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Need a Print Setup menu option

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Issue created by Normand Rivard (

In order to print a diagram correctly on the selected printer, we need a menu option Print Setup (as in most Windows app), so we can for example say if we want to use portrait or landscape orientation, size percentage (with Fit to Page option).

We would also need a Print Preview option to look at the result before it gets to the printer.



#1 Updated by Christophe Demeulemeester about 8 years ago

The size and orientation of the page can be specified using the ‘Page size’ option of the diagram’s Symbol tab.

Here is this option’s tool-tip content:

Modify the page size. Supported string format: discrete values: A5H,A4H,A3H,A2H,A1H,A0H,A5V,A4V,A3V,A2V,A1V,A0V (H is used for Horizontal mode, V is used for Vertical mode) – inches values: 8,5" x 3,4" – mm values: 210 mm x 297 mm

It is also possible to choose the orientation and other options using the Printer Setup that appears when clicking on the ‘Print’ button of the diagram…

Nevertheless, a ‘Fit to Page’ option is missing…

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Clicking on the ‘Print’ button will open a print setup window showing a print preview. From this window, it will be possible to select a ‘Fit to page’ option and page orientation.

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