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Issue #13: Hibernate File are not generated correctly when a variable $(Project) is used on java path generation
Issue #29: HBM files not generated is the rigth folder if the root node is not used
Issue #14: Template instantiation not generated
Evolution #15: Support of composition in Java
Evolution #57: Those annoying marker comments in generated code
Issue #60: Reversing Java projects with dependencies with other projects
Evolution #70: Possibility to add "reverse jars" to "projet jars" to facilitate round-trips
Issue #72: Reverse of enumeration items with int constructor
Issue #84: Issue #19 appears again in Modelio 2.2.x
Issue #85: Code-Generation of Java-Component, Root-Directory for Source-Code
Issue #88: Classes with no namespacing are not found by the reverse tool
Issue #240: Default implementation for interface is not generated
Issue #31: Java reverse error
Issue #36: Problem reversing Java declaration ending with a comment
Issue #39: Line number not shown when a parsing problem occurs
Issue #40: Strange XML error while reversing Java project
Issue #64: Error with reverse in version 2.1.00
Issue #71: Reversing "implicit" imports for inheritance fail
Issue #138: Java Designer - Item duplication in contextual menu
Issue #139: Java Designer - Item duplication in contextual menu with NullPointerException
Evolution #261: Extend & Generalize "Collection to use"
Issue #291: can't edit elements
Issue #87: MADES 2.1.15 can't create clock diagrams
Issue #38: York stereotypes missing when creating some classes
Issue #45: MADES iptype attribute display error in Detailed Hardware Diagram
Issue #52: Detailed Software diagram's EntryPoint name issue
Issue #196: Importation du projet
Issue #252: Resource model file location information missing
Issue #253: Cloud account cannot be assigned
Issue #254: CloudML json export not escaping special characters
Issue #255: Ignored properties in CloudNode instance
Issue #133: Wrong behavior when creating classifier from lifeline
Evolution #11: Instances updating
Evolution #47: Update instance or part from the classifier - include classifier generalization attributes
Issue #10: XMI import error
Evolution #25: There should be a way to re-order Attributes and Methods in a Class in a diagram.
Issue #28: SoaML ServiceArchitecture diagram error
Evolution #33: Object Diagram - showing AttributeLink type should be optional
Issue #41: Error message with Link Editor
Evolution #43: More complete implementation of ValueSpecification hierarchy
Issue #44: No possibility to export vector graphics
Issue #51: f Zooming OUT more than 2 levels, then after adding a "Combined Fragment" node to an "Interaction" element, Modelio hangs and stops working.
Evolution #56: Display uniqueness and order designators in class diagram
Evolution #58: Automatic resize should be by default
Issue #59: Unmasking links to other classes should be automatic
Issue #61: Error when adding 'combine fragment' node.
Issue #65: Package "name display mode" issue
Issue #66: Modeling a CRTP class layout makes Modelio crashes
Evolution #67: Diagram export format
Issue #73: Need a Print Setup menu option
Evolution #74: Limitation du label de transition dans la machine d'état
Issue #75: Allowing Note to be attached to more than one elements
Issue #78: Problem in using provided and required interfaces in multiple diagrams
Issue #82: Dependency link arrow not correctly displayed
Issue #83: trouble importing SysML XMI
Assistance #86: Plugin Repository inaccessible
Issue #7: Crash when opening a project If Modelio is run in a VirtualBox
Issue #30: Mac OS X obasic Compiation error
Issue #77: "Implement Interfaces Properties" does not work if the class is an abstract class
Issue #200: French localization in the model explorer
Issue #201: French localization in the class diagram editor
Issue #202: French localization in editors
Issue #203: French localization in the activity diagram editor
Assistance #146: Inclusion d'un projet modelio dans un autre projet source et projet versionné
Issue #147: Nested classes and class diagram
Issue #161: Unable to start Modelio 3.0.1 in Windows 7 64-Bit
Issue #174: BPMN Boundary Event CancelActivity attribute has wrong name (or behavior)
Issue #176: BPMN Task marked as "ForCompensation" should be connected to a Boundary Event of type "Compensate" using (Data) Association Flow only.
Issue #178: Editor tabs placement not saved after program restart
Evolution #197: Support for contributing to the Audit view through custom modules
Evolution #198: Support for contributing custom views to Modelio
Issue #204: Exported XMI file broken
Issue #205: Interface links cannot be shared between diagrams
Issue #206: Unmasking an interface N-ary link does not show the interfaces
Issue #208: Editing Information Flow items sometimes causes exception
Issue #212: Modelio 3.3. won't start. Java 1.8 required?
Evolution #237: Font upscaling
Evolution #243: Allowing automatic carriage returns into labels
Issue #244: Non trapped exception when canceling an action
Issue #245: BPMN Diagram: icon shape broken when transforming the element with a long caption
Issue #248: [MONDO] Unnecessary dependency in "xmi" project on model.browser
Issue #249: [MONDO] Cannot install Modelio 3.2 plugins into a Luna Modeling distribution
Issue #251: MacOSX : UI fitting in UseCase Edition pane
Issue #257: Issue in Persistent Profile
Issue #258: Issue in Persistent Profile Export Import Datamodel
Evolution #259: Ability to change default multiplicity for association/compositions
Issue #260: Modelio 3.4 crashes when opening preferences
Issue #265: Debian: Opening objects fails with not found
Issue #268: Cannot create association in Block Diagram in 3.4
Issue #282: XMI file is not imported
Evolution #292: SYSML diagram frame
Issue #299: Anti-alias does not work on Windows7
Issue #300: Extra constraint notes not exported to Excel Exchange
Issue #304: Reverse engineering using "String"
Issue #305: Error while import XMI with cyrillic "?" in object name in 5.4.01
Issue #306: <<use>>-Link prevents XMI export
Issue #307: xmi export failed
Issue #309: Icons are too small and layout of dialogue boxes not right
Issue #310: There is no way to update the signature of an operation in a derived class
Issue #312: Create Diagram / Sub package structure diagram (automatic) seems to be broken
Issue #315: Modelio doesn't honor screen dpi setting
Issue #319: Cannot use WebModelPublisher with NoClassDefFoundError
Issue #321: Web Model Publisher produces incomplete documents
Evolution #322: lane - direction
Issue #323: internal null pointer exception
Evolution #325: Allow setting which end of the link a conditional tags shows up by default
Evolution #326: Extensible UML validation ruleset
Issue #330: In the Operation’s edition box, it is impossible to set parameter’s multiplicity to [0..1]
Evolution #334: View value of attribute in a diagram
Issue #335: White Paper '1-improve-your-java-development-efficiency-en.html' has text missing, see last paragraph on page 6/10
Evolution #336: It would be nice to be able to display the "can be inherited" property in a diagram, as a <<leaf>> keyword.
Issue #338: Multiple sequence diagram creation should not be possible
Evolution #339: returned value + name of a local variable in an operation of a sequence diagram
Issue #340: 'Hidden' Parts in sequence diagram
Issue #344: Sequence diagram can be deleted from diagram editor
Evolution #345: Element with the same name can not be differentiate inside provided list
Issue #347: Not left aligned operations and attributes in class
Issue #349: Guard string in 3.7.1 splits across lines
Issue #350: frame element
Issue #360: Installation on CentOS 7 / upgrade of webkitgtk
Issue #384: Make the Model's Text in Multiple Languages
Issue #387: multiple issues on macOS with Info.plist
Issue #395: Componentrealization is not exported correctly to xmi
Evolution #397: Make the WebModelPublisher module controllable in command line
Issue #430: Long template parameters do not wrap
Issue #431: Abstract operations are not overridden by operations in derived template specialization classes
Issue #140: No save confirmation on exit
Evolution #145: Add 'Export XMI' link on project (instead of first package)
Issue #155: Cannot load NIEM XMI into Modelio
Issue #170: block diagram redraw problem
Issue #175: BPMN End Event of type "Terminate" has wrong name "Termnate" (without letter "i").
Issue #179: switch workspace
Issue #181: Workspace conflict with eclipse
Issue #189: Use-Case-Diagram, remapping Owner/Target side in Link/Flow
Evolution #191: New SVN Granularity for Analyst Element
Issue #192: Event Copy/Clone is impossible
Issue #193: XMI import not working for spec 2.4.1. and 2.5
Issue #194: Messages are exported outside OperandFragments
Issue #195: Link XMI export/import does not work
Issue #199: Arrow for UML interface realization incorrectly drawn
Issue #207: Functionality of re-ordering attributes & operations in class diagram or model
Evolution #209: Add default regex to dialog "Provided/Required interfaces"
Evolution #313: State Machine Diagrams / In symbol for Transition objects the guard label should be resizable
Issue #316: Error when moving parts of a sequence diagram
Issue #317: Blank diagram / tab fails to load
Issue #320: Undo null pointer exception
Issue #324: Audit settings do not save
Issue #327: Some transitions' name aren't displayed in the model explorer and produce NPE in the console...
Evolution #331: It should be possible to resize Operation Operands inside Combined Fragments...
Issue #332: Provided/Required Interfaces links appear in double when using the same Interface in different opened diagrams.
Issue #333: Internal error while moving position of an interface after an undo was been performed
Issue #343: Other internal events than do/exit/entry for states in state chart diagrams
Issue #211: Modelio 3.3 crash when selecting 'Symbol' tab
Issue #213: Cannot Include MARTEDesigner
Issue #239: Web publisher generate bad characters
Issue #242: CommandImplementations for BoxCommand & ContextualCommand
Issue #246: Exceptions while running Modelio 3.3.1 in Eclipse IDE
Issue #256: Attempting to export an XMI file with Modelio 3.4 will fail if any class has a "string" attribute
Issue #267: In the workspace panel, renaming a project created with an older version makes it disappear
Issue #308: Internal Error java.lang.NullPointerException
Issue #281: Modelio doesn't start on Windows 7 Prof. 64Bit
Issue #314: Ubuntu Linux : GTK2 on HiDPI vs GTK3 Eclipse bug
Issue #341: No 'Select in Explorer' in sequence diagram
Evolution #342: Select a represented element (on lifelines) in the explorer
Issue #356: Possible typographic error describing alpha value range in editing Symbol properties (ActivityDiagram)
Issue #357: MalformedURLException: Illegal Character in path
Issue #358: Representation of Date tags
Issue #363: Installation on Debian Buster (10) / upgrade of webkitgtk
Issue #348: Task resize in Process BPMN breaks diagram !
Issue #382: Grammatical Error in Modelio
Issue #98: Element is not created and error appear in consolelog if user try to create element on the head of a package
Issue #99: Inconsistent behaviour in the Compatibility diagram
Issue #119: Participant - BPMN Implementation - have no name and diagram is not created
Issue #121: Service contract smart action issues
Issue #122: service contract diagram - documentation - instance/role
Issue #123: Service contract diagram - binding missing for toolbar palette
Issue #124: Provider smart creation issues
Issue #125: Smart action - Service Architecture - participant
Issue #126: Screenshots from documentation are out of date
Evolution #163: [Modelio 3.1] Free drawings are missing in the SoaML diagrams palette...
Issue #171: SoaML Port images could be improved
Issue #172: Property missing
Issue #105: Problems with operation under a constrain block
Issue #109: Element should be created in image mode
Issue #110: Diagrams are not opened default if interaction and state are created from context menu Sysml
Issue #116: Flow port not available on context menu creation of a block
Issue #117: Part menu is missing from constraint block context menu
Issue #118: [Help] SysML > Expert Mode - SysML element creation in expert mode - image out of date
Issue #337: AttributeLink Creation Command is missing in IBD
Issue #166: sysml bug
Issue #210: Flow Items on Internal Block Diagrams
Issue #111: Enumeration and dataype images are missing
Issue #129: SOA - Hardware deployment diagram toolbar commands analyst group
Issue #130: If an element doesn't have a image for representation image mode, default creation shouldn't be image
Issue #80: TOGAF model layers repeated
Issue #318: Exception caused during Testcase Dialog window
Issue #135: Creation commands should not be available on fragments
Issue #104: BPEL options should be removed
Issue #184: WSDL reversal is not working at all...
Issue #9: XSD import problem
Evolution #48: Handle Occurrence Indicators
Evolution #49: Improve export to XSD
Evolution #112: Restriction are not possible
Evolution #114: Wrong indentation
Issue #136: Creation commands should not be available on fragments
Issue #137: XSD export won't create xsd-file, how to some log information
Issue #187: Error in generated xsd
Issue #188: Impossible to create a xs:choice tag
Hibernate Designer
Hibernate Designer -2.0.05 0%
Resolved 50%
Hibernate Designer -2.0.06 0%
Resolved 50%
Java Designer
Java Designer -2.1.00 10%
Resolved 50%
Resolved 50%
Resolved 50%
Resolved 50%
New 0%
Java Designer -2.1.01 0%
Resolved 50%
Modelio [3.2.0 , 3.2.1]
Modelio [3.4.0]
MADES -2.1.07 0%
Resolved 50%
Resolved 50%
MADES -2.1.09 0%
Resolved 50%
Modeling Wizard
Modeling Wizard -4.0.05 0%
Resolved 50%
Resolved 50%
Modelio 2
Feedback 0%
Modelio 2 -Modelio 2.0.1 50%
Resolved 50%
C++ core
Modelio 2 -Modelio 2.2.0 75%
Resolved 50%
Java application
Modelio 3.x, 4.x
Modelio 3.x, 4.x -Modelio 3.2 26%
Assigned 0%
Assigned 0%
Assigned 0%
Resolved 50%
Resolved 50%
Assigned 0%
Assigned 0%
Resolved 50%
Resolved 50%
Resolved 50%
Assigned 0%
Resolved 50%
Resolved 50%
Modelio 3.x, 4.x -Modelio 3.7.0 50%
Resolved 50%
Resolved 50%
Modelio 3.x, 4.x -Modelio 3.7.1 40%
Resolved 50%
Resolved 50%
New 0%
Resolved 50%
Resolved 50%
Resolved 50%
Resolved 50%
Resolved 50%
Resolved 50%
Resolved 50%
New 0%
Modelio 3.x, 4.x -Modelio 3.3 28%
New 0%
Resolved 50%
New 0%
New 0%
New 0%
Resolved 50%
Modelio 3.x, 4.x -Modelio 3.6.0 50%
Resolved 50%
Resolved 50%
Modelio 3.x, 4.x -Modelio 3.5 0%
Assigned 0%
Modelio 3.x, 4.x -Modelio 3.6.1 50%
New 0%
Modelio 3.x, 4.x -Modelio 3.8.0 50%
Resolved 50%
Modelio [3.2.0 , 3.2.1]
Modelio [3.2.0 , 3.2.1]
TOGAF -2.2.05 0%
Resolved 50%
Modelio [3.2.0 , 3.2.1]
Modelio [2.2.0 , 2.2.3]
Modelio [3.2.0 , 3.2.1]
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