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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
38MADESIssueResolvedMediumYork stereotypes missing when creating some classesEtienne Brosse22 May 2012 16:40
36Java DesignerIssueResolvedMediumProblem reversing Java declaration ending with a commentFrançois Jaouen18 December 2018 15:33
33Modelio 2EvolutionAssignedMediumObject Diagram - showing AttributeLink type should be optionalChristophe Malgouyres03 April 2012 10:39
31Java DesignerIssueResolvedMediumJava reverse errorChristophe Malgouyres29 May 2012 14:31
30C++ coreIssueResolvedHighMac OS X obasic Compiation errorCédric Marin22 October 2013 15:23
29Hibernate DesignerIssueResolvedMediumHBM files not generated is the rigth folder if the root node is not usedAntonin Abhervé17 February 2012 14:20
28Modelio 2IssueResolvedMediumSoaML ServiceArchitecture diagram errorAntonin Abhervé31 May 2013 17:57
25Modelio 2EvolutionAssignedLowThere should be a way to re-order Attributes and Methods in a Class in a diagram.François Poyer02 March 2012 17:19
15Java DesignerEvolutionNewMediumSupport of composition in Java07 November 2011 14:31
14Java DesignerIssueAssignedMediumTemplate instantiation not generatedChristophe Malgouyres07 November 2011 13:13
13Hibernate DesignerIssueResolvedImmediatHibernate File are not generated correctly when a variable $(Project) is used on java path generationAntonin Abhervé27 October 2011 16:57
11Modeling WizardEvolutionResolvedMediumInstances updating Etienne Brosse30 May 2012 09:37
10Modelio 2IssueAssignedMediumXMI import errorEtienne Brosse17 October 2011 15:57
9Modelio [2.2.0 , 2.2.3]IssueNewMediumXSD import problem15 July 2013 17:28
7Modelio 2IssueResolvedMediumCrash when opening a project If Modelio is run in a VirtualBoxCédric Marin10 October 2011 16:02

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