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307Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueResolvedImmediatxmi export failed Etienne Brosse07 February 2019 15:36
187Modelio [3.2.0 , 3.2.1]IssueAssignedImmediatError in generated xsdAntonin Abhervé01 April 2014 10:10
184Modelio [3.2.0 , 3.2.1]IssueNewImmediatWSDL reversal is not working at all...Antonin Abhervé19 March 2014 14:58
163Modelio [3.2.0 , 3.2.1]EvolutionResolvedImmediat[Modelio 3.1] Free drawings are missing in the SoaML diagrams palette...Antonin Abhervé18 December 2013 09:36
13Hibernate DesignerIssueResolvedImmediatHibernate File are not generated correctly when a variable $(Project) is used on java path generationAntonin Abhervé27 October 2011 16:57
323Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueNewUrgentinternal null pointer exception21 October 2017 13:42
318UTPIssueResolvedUrgentException caused during Testcase Dialog windowEtienne Brosse17 August 2017 15:23
256Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueResolvedUrgentAttempting to export an XMI file with Modelio 3.4 will fail if any class has a "string" attributeEtienne Brosse05 November 2015 15:53
242Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueNewUrgentCommandImplementations for BoxCommand & ContextualCommand01 June 2015 11:02
240Java DesignerIssueNewUrgentDefault implementation for interface is not generatedChristophe Malgouyres30 April 2015 15:15
213Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueResolvedUrgentCannot Include MARTEDesignerEtienne Brosse12 October 2015 16:49
194Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueResolvedUrgentMessages are exported outside OperandFragmentsEtienne Brosse23 July 2014 15:49
123Modelio [3.2.0 , 3.2.1]IssueAssignedUrgentService contract diagram - binding missing for toolbar palette Antonin Abhervé29 September 2014 17:07
111TOGAFIssueNewUrgentEnumeration and dataype images are missing21 June 2013 11:09
384Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueNewHighMake the Model's Text in Multiple Languages23 March 2020 19:29
350Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueAssignedHighframe elementAntonio Pedro18 February 2019 11:51
348Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueResolvedHighTask resize in Process BPMN breaks diagram !Christophe Malgouyres23 July 2018 11:33
330Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueResolvedHighIn the Operation’s edition box, it is impossible to set parameter’s multiplicity to [0..1]Christophe Malgouyres02 January 2018 14:23
317Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueResolvedHighBlank diagram / tab fails to loadCédric Marin23 February 2018 13:16
314Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueNewHighUbuntu Linux : GTK2 on HiDPI vs GTK3 Eclipse bug17 August 2017 17:22
305Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueAssignedHighError while import XMI with cyrillic "?" in object name in 5.4.01Etienne Brosse19 December 2016 14:01
290INTO-CPSIssueResolvedHighFix to the flow port dependencies functionality of INTO-SysML ADsEtienne Brosse06 June 2016 16:28
268Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueResolvedHighCannot create association in Block Diagram in 3.4Etienne Brosse15 March 2016 18:04
267Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueResolvedHighIn the workspace panel, renaming a project created with an older version makes it disappearCédric Marin15 November 2016 13:24
253Creator 4CloudsIssueNewHighCloud account cannot be assignedMarcos Almeida10 September 2015 15:05
204Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueAssignedHighExported XMI file brokenEtienne Brosse26 January 2015 14:06
195Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueResolvedHighLink XMI export/import does not workEtienne Brosse23 July 2014 15:45
191Modelio 3.x, 4.xEvolutionResolvedHighNew SVN Granularity for Analyst ElementCédric Marin01 September 2014 09:52
189Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueResolvedHighUse-Case-Diagram, remapping Owner/Target side in Link/FlowChristophe Malgouyres24 July 2014 15:02
188Modelio [3.2.0 , 3.2.1]IssueNewHighImpossible to create a xs:choice tag10 April 2014 14:59
178Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueAssignedHighEditor tabs placement not saved after program restartChristophe Malgouyres17 March 2014 14:51
176Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueAssignedHighBPMN Task marked as "ForCompensation" should be connected to a Boundary Event of type "Compensate" using (Data) Association Flow only.Antonin Abhervé17 March 2014 15:02
174Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueNewHighBPMN Boundary Event CancelActivity attribute has wrong name (or behavior)Antonin Abhervé16 January 2014 15:35
145Modelio 3.x, 4.xEvolutionAssignedHighAdd 'Export XMI' link on project (instead of first package)Etienne Brosse08 July 2014 16:03
137Modelio [3.2.0 , 3.2.1]IssueNewHighXSD export won't create xsd-file, how to some log information15 October 2013 15:17
130TOGAFIssueResolvedHighIf an element doesn't have a image for representation image mode, default creation shouldn't be imageChristophe Demeulemeester16 July 2013 11:42
129TOGAFIssueNewHighSOA - Hardware deployment diagram toolbar commands analyst group 10 July 2013 10:44
124Modelio [3.2.0 , 3.2.1]IssueAssignedHighProvider smart creation issuesAntonin Abhervé29 September 2014 17:07
121Modelio [3.2.0 , 3.2.1]IssueAssignedHighService contract smart action issues Antonin Abhervé27 November 2014 15:14
119Modelio [3.2.0 , 3.2.1]IssueAssignedHighParticipant - BPMN Implementation - have no name and diagram is not createdAntonin Abhervé27 November 2014 15:15
117SysMLIssueResolvedHighPart menu is missing from constraint block context menu Etienne Brosse07 January 2014 11:06
116SysMLIssueResolvedHighFlow port not available on context menu creation of a blockEtienne Brosse07 January 2014 11:06
105SysMLIssueResolvedHighProblems with operation under a constrain block Antonin Abhervé21 June 2013 11:47
86Modelio 2AssistanceFeedbackHighPlugin Repository inaccessible12 February 2013 08:59
83Modelio 2IssueAssignedHightrouble importing SysML XMIEtienne Brosse17 January 2013 15:52
80TOGAFIssueResolvedHighTOGAF model layers repeated04 December 2012 16:00
74Modelio 2EvolutionNewHighLimitation du label de transition dans la machine d'état26 March 2013 10:44
71Java DesignerIssueResolvedHighReversing "implicit" imports for inheritance failChristophe Malgouyres14 September 2012 17:33
64Java DesignerIssueNewHighError with reverse in version 2.1.0002 July 2012 14:25
61Modelio 2IssueAssignedHighError when adding 'combine fragment' node.François Poyer21 August 2012 15:14

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