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375Attack TreeEvolutionNewMediumHow to encrypt email in Office 365?08 January 2020 11:31
30C++ coreIssueResolvedHighMac OS X obasic Compiation errorCédric Marin22 October 2013 15:23
255Creator 4CloudsIssueNewMediumIgnored properties in CloudNode instanceAntonin Abhervé29 September 2015 16:29
254Creator 4CloudsIssueNewLowCloudML json export not escaping special charactersAntonin Abhervé18 September 2015 09:44
253Creator 4CloudsIssueNewHighCloud account cannot be assignedMarcos Almeida10 September 2015 15:05
252Creator 4CloudsIssueNewMediumResource model file location information missingMarcos Almeida01 September 2015 12:26
203GUI resourcesIssueNewMediumFrench localization in the activity diagram editor26 September 2014 17:45
202GUI resourcesIssueNewMediumFrench localization in editors26 September 2014 17:44
201GUI resourcesIssueNewMediumFrench localization in the class diagram editor26 September 2014 17:43
200GUI resourcesIssueNewMediumFrench localization in the model explorer26 September 2014 17:25
29Hibernate DesignerIssueResolvedMediumHBM files not generated is the rigth folder if the root node is not usedAntonin Abhervé17 February 2012 14:20
13Hibernate DesignerIssueResolvedImmediatHibernate File are not generated correctly when a variable $(Project) is used on java path generationAntonin Abhervé27 October 2011 16:57
359INTO-CPSIssueNewMediumWhat to Look For While Comparing Essay Writing Services? 02 March 2019 06:47
303INTO-CPSIssueResolvedMediumGuid tag values displayed on blocksEtienne Brosse24 August 2016 17:34
302INTO-CPSIssueResolvedMediumConfiguration issueEtienne Brosse12 July 2016 16:38
301INTO-CPSIssueResolvedMediumConfiguration generation not workingEtienne Brosse12 July 2016 15:46
298INTO-CPSIssueResolvedMediumCan't connect ports in INTO-CPS v1.0.31Etienne Brosse20 June 2016 17:17
297INTO-CPSIssueResolvedMediumINTO-CPS view won't work with portsEtienne Brosse29 November 2018 09:16
295INTO-CPSIssueResolvedMediumBlank INTO-CPS new diagram selectionEtienne Brosse06 June 2016 15:35
290INTO-CPSIssueResolvedHighFix to the flow port dependencies functionality of INTO-SysML ADsEtienne Brosse06 June 2016 16:28
77Java applicationIssueNewMedium"Implement Interfaces Properties" does not work if the class is an abstract class09 November 2012 05:12
240Java DesignerIssueNewUrgentDefault implementation for interface is not generatedChristophe Malgouyres30 April 2015 15:15
88Java DesignerIssueResolvedMediumClasses with no namespacing are not found by the reverse toolChristophe Malgouyres12 January 2015 11:02
85Java DesignerIssueResolvedMediumCode-Generation of Java-Component, Root-Directory for Source-CodeChristophe Malgouyres12 January 2015 10:58
84Java DesignerIssueNewMediumIssue #19 appears again in Modelio 2.2.x18 January 2013 15:30
72Java DesignerIssueFeedbackMediumReverse of enumeration items with int constructor27 August 2012 14:34
71Java DesignerIssueResolvedHighReversing "implicit" imports for inheritance failChristophe Malgouyres14 September 2012 17:33
70Java DesignerEvolutionNewMediumPossibility to add "reverse jars" to "projet jars" to facilitate round-trips09 August 2012 16:27
64Java DesignerIssueNewHighError with reverse in version 2.1.0002 July 2012 14:25
60Java DesignerIssueFeedbackMediumReversing Java projects with dependencies with other projects30 May 2012 09:43
57Java DesignerEvolutionNewMediumThose annoying marker comments in generated code29 May 2012 14:29
40Java DesignerIssueResolvedMediumStrange XML error while reversing Java projectFrançois Jaouen30 May 2012 09:36
39Java DesignerIssueResolvedMediumLine number not shown when a parsing problem occursChristophe Malgouyres10 May 2012 09:20
36Java DesignerIssueResolvedMediumProblem reversing Java declaration ending with a commentFrançois Jaouen18 December 2018 15:33
31Java DesignerIssueResolvedMediumJava reverse errorChristophe Malgouyres29 May 2012 14:31
15Java DesignerEvolutionNewMediumSupport of composition in Java07 November 2011 14:31
14Java DesignerIssueAssignedMediumTemplate instantiation not generatedChristophe Malgouyres07 November 2011 13:13
87MADESIssueResolvedMediumMADES 2.1.15 can't create clock diagramsEtienne Brosse15 February 2013 15:33
52MADESIssueResolvedMediumDetailed Software diagram's EntryPoint name issueEtienne Brosse22 May 2012 16:39
45MADESIssueResolvedMediumMADES iptype attribute display error in Detailed Hardware DiagramEtienne Brosse22 May 2012 16:39
38MADESIssueResolvedMediumYork stereotypes missing when creating some classesEtienne Brosse22 May 2012 16:40
196MARTEIssueResolvedMediumImportation du projet18 August 2014 11:30
133Modeling WizardIssueResolvedLowWrong behavior when creating classifier from lifelineChristophe Malgouyres10 September 2013 09:53
47Modeling WizardEvolutionResolvedMediumUpdate instance or part from the classifier - include classifier generalization attributesEtienne Brosse30 May 2012 09:38
11Modeling WizardEvolutionResolvedMediumInstances updating Etienne Brosse30 May 2012 09:37
86Modelio 2AssistanceFeedbackHighPlugin Repository inaccessible12 February 2013 08:59
83Modelio 2IssueAssignedHightrouble importing SysML XMIEtienne Brosse17 January 2013 15:52
82Modelio 2IssueNewMediumDependency link arrow not correctly displayed 08 January 2013 16:27
78Modelio 2IssueFeedbackMediumProblem in using provided and required interfaces in multiple diagramsChristophe Malgouyres14 January 2013 13:55
75Modelio 2IssueNewMediumAllowing Note to be attached to more than one elements03 September 2012 03:46

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