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77Java applicationIssueNewMedium"Implement Interfaces Properties" does not work if the class is an abstract class09 November 2012 05:12
340Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueNewMedium'Hidden' Parts in sequence diagram13 April 2018 07:03
306Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueResolvedMedium<<use>>-Link prevents XMI exportEtienne Brosse07 February 2019 15:37
259Modelio 3.x, 4.xEvolutionNewLowAbility to change default multiplicity for association/compositions13 October 2015 20:51
145Modelio 3.x, 4.xEvolutionAssignedHighAdd 'Export XMI' link on project (instead of first package)Etienne Brosse08 July 2014 16:03
209Modelio 3.x, 4.xEvolutionResolvedMediumAdd default regex to dialog "Provided/Required interfaces"07 March 2018 17:00
325Modelio 3.x, 4.xEvolutionNewMediumAllow setting which end of the link a conditional tags shows up by default02 November 2017 14:03
243Modelio 3.x, 4.xEvolutionNewMediumAllowing automatic carriage returns into labels02 June 2015 16:05
75Modelio 2IssueNewMediumAllowing Note to be attached to more than one elements03 September 2012 03:46
299Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueNewMediumAnti-alias does not work on Windows723 June 2016 11:55
199Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueResolvedLowArrow for UML interface realization incorrectly drawnAntonio Pedro11 July 2017 14:54
256Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueResolvedUrgentAttempting to export an XMI file with Modelio 3.4 will fail if any class has a "string" attributeEtienne Brosse05 November 2015 15:53
337SysMLIssueResolvedMediumAttributeLink Creation Command is missing in IBDEtienne Brosse29 January 2020 11:34
324Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueResolvedMediumAudit settings do not saveChristophe Malgouyres16 February 2018 11:11
58Modelio 2EvolutionNewMediumAutomatic resize should be by default25 May 2012 15:51
317Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueResolvedHighBlank diagram / tab fails to loadCédric Marin23 February 2018 13:16
295INTO-CPSIssueResolvedMediumBlank INTO-CPS new diagram selectionEtienne Brosse06 June 2016 15:35
170Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueResolvedLowblock diagram redraw problemChristophe Malgouyres24 July 2014 11:20
104Modelio [3.2.0 , 3.2.1]IssueNewMediumBPEL options should be removedAntonin Abhervé27 June 2013 12:02
174Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueNewHighBPMN Boundary Event CancelActivity attribute has wrong name (or behavior)Antonin Abhervé16 January 2014 15:35
245Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueNewMediumBPMN Diagram: icon shape broken when transforming the element with a long caption02 June 2015 16:34
175Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueResolvedLowBPMN End Event of type "Terminate" has wrong name "Termnate" (without letter "i").Christophe Malgouyres19 May 2014 16:13
176Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueAssignedHighBPMN Task marked as "ForCompensation" should be connected to a Boundary Event of type "Compensate" using (Data) Association Flow only.Antonin Abhervé17 March 2014 15:02
298INTO-CPSIssueResolvedMediumCan't connect ports in INTO-CPS v1.0.31Etienne Brosse20 June 2016 17:17
291Modelio [3.4.0]IssueNewMediumcan't edit elementsChristophe Malgouyres15 April 2016 02:30
268Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueResolvedHighCannot create association in Block Diagram in 3.4Etienne Brosse15 March 2016 18:04
213Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueResolvedUrgentCannot Include MARTEDesignerEtienne Brosse12 October 2015 16:49
155Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueAssignedMediumCannot load NIEM XMI into ModelioEtienne Brosse08 July 2014 16:10
319Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueNewMediumCannot use WebModelPublisher with NoClassDefFoundError15 August 2017 09:52
88Java DesignerIssueResolvedMediumClasses with no namespacing are not found by the reverse toolChristophe Malgouyres12 January 2015 11:02
253Creator 4CloudsIssueNewHighCloud account cannot be assignedMarcos Almeida10 September 2015 15:05
254Creator 4CloudsIssueNewLowCloudML json export not escaping special charactersAntonin Abhervé18 September 2015 09:44
85Java DesignerIssueResolvedMediumCode-Generation of Java-Component, Root-Directory for Source-CodeChristophe Malgouyres12 January 2015 10:58
242Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueNewUrgentCommandImplementations for BoxCommand & ContextualCommand01 June 2015 11:02
395Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueAssignedMediumComponentrealization is not exported correctly to xmi Etienne Brosse29 March 2020 22:46
301INTO-CPSIssueResolvedMediumConfiguration generation not workingEtienne Brosse12 July 2016 15:46
302INTO-CPSIssueResolvedMediumConfiguration issueEtienne Brosse12 July 2016 16:38
7Modelio 2IssueResolvedMediumCrash when opening a project If Modelio is run in a VirtualBoxCédric Marin10 October 2011 16:02
312Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueNewMediumCreate Diagram / Sub package structure diagram (automatic) seems to be broken11 December 2017 07:36
136Modelio [3.2.0 , 3.2.1]IssueNewLowCreation commands should not be available on fragmentsAntonin Abhervé04 October 2013 11:09
135WSDLIssueNewLowCreation commands should not be available on fragmentsAntonin Abhervé04 October 2013 11:08
265Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueResolvedMediumDebian: Opening objects fails with not found18 March 2020 08:21
240Java DesignerIssueNewUrgentDefault implementation for interface is not generatedChristophe Malgouyres30 April 2015 15:15
82Modelio 2IssueNewMediumDependency link arrow not correctly displayed 08 January 2013 16:27
52MADESIssueResolvedMediumDetailed Software diagram's EntryPoint name issueEtienne Brosse22 May 2012 16:39
67Modelio 2EvolutionAssignedMediumDiagram export formatAntonio Pedro18 June 2018 13:19
110SysMLIssueResolvedMediumDiagrams are not opened default if interaction and state are created from context menu SysmlAntonin Abhervé21 June 2013 11:53
56Modelio 2EvolutionAssignedMediumDisplay uniqueness and order designators in class diagramCédric Marin21 August 2012 15:18
208Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueNewMediumEditing Information Flow items sometimes causes exception18 November 2014 15:49
178Modelio 3.x, 4.xIssueAssignedHighEditor tabs placement not saved after program restartChristophe Malgouyres17 March 2014 14:51

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