Issue #314

Updated by C├ędric Marin over 3 years ago

As reported by other users (<>, #315), (, Modelio 3.6.01 is hard to use on a high resolution screen.

On a Ubuntu 17.04 machine with Oracle Java 1.8.111), this is at least partly due to the fact that GTK2 does not support scaling (<>). (

GTK3 does support scaling, so the problem can be worked around enabling GTK3. However, due to this bug in Eclipse (<>), (, GTK3 can not run without throwing exceptions every time a popup window is opened.

The GTK3/SWT bug has been fixed, but in later versions of Eclipse than the one used in 3.6.01 (<>) (

As a result of the combination of the above issues, Modelio 3.6.01 is effectively impossible to use on Linux with high DPI screens

Has anyone found alternative workarounds?