Modelio 3.6.0 released!

Added by Christophe Demeulemeester almost 2 years ago

Modelio 3.6.0 released!

New features:

  • New ‘Properties’ view combining the ‘Element’, ‘Notes & constraints’, and ‘Symbol’ views.
  • New ‘Smart links’ feature in diagrams making links drawing easier.
  • New ‘Snap to geometry’ option in diagrams facilitating elements alignment.


  • Different modeling standards (UML, MDA, ArchiMate…) are now managed in sub-projects.
  • Improved modules management.
  • Improvement of the ‘Free drawings’ feature.
  • Improvement of the elements labels display and edition in diagrams.
  • XMI now works on multiple work models.

Fixes / Improvements:

  • Fixed issue with Java Designer reverse and automatic diagrams generation.
  • Fixed issue with project closing after perspective switches.
  • Fixed issue with operation signature display in the operation edition box.
  • Fixed issue with communication messages creation.
  • Fixed issue with recursive links redrawing.
  • Fixed issue with R2360 audit rule.

Download Modelio 3.6.0 :

Download the language packs:

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