Modelio 3.6.1 released!

Added by Christophe Demeulemeester over 1 year ago

Modelio 3.6.1 released!


  • Improvement of the indexes management.
  • Diagrams palette are now displayed in ‘icon’ mode by default.
  • A diagram selection box now appears when creating a Related Diagram Link.

Fixes / Improvements:

  • Fixed issues with edition in diagrams when several diagrams are opened.
  • Fixed issues with the XMI import/export.
  • Fixed memory leaks in diagram editors.
  • Fixed issue with integer values edition in the Properties view.
  • Fixed issue with elements label display in ‘User defined image’ representation mode.
  • Fixed issue with project export on MacOS.

Download Modelio 3.6.1 :

Download the language packs:

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