Modelio 3.8.1 released!

Added by Christophe Demeulemeester 3 months ago

Modelio 3.8.1 released!


  • It is now possible to clone graphic properties from a diagram to another.
  • It is now possible to save the Audit results or copy them into the clipboard.
  • It is now possible to unmask BPMN Tasks in Class Diagrams.
  • It is now possible to mask related diagrams in BPMN diagrams.
  • The multiple elements selection box has been revamped.
  • The Modelio log is now automatically refreshed.
  • It is now possible to select a Combined Fragment which is behind another.
  • “0.0” coordinates are now indicated in diagrams.
  • The related diagram icon is now 24x24 instead of 48x48.
  • A separator has been added between the Save and Undo/Redo buttons.

Fixes / Improvements:

  • Fixed issue with Use Cases edition box.
  • Fixed issue with model import on MacOS.
  • Fixed issue when renaming projects.
  • Fixed random issue with project creation on laptops.
  • Fixed issues with the XMI import/export.

Download Modelio 3.8.1 :

Download the language packs:

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