Attack Tree Designer – User Manual


Attack Tree Designer is a modelling tool conceived for designing attack trees. “Attack Trees” are models designed for dissecting the anatomy of the threats that can occur on IT Systems or Cyber-Physical Systems. Attack Tree Designer allows modelers and security analysts to design hierarchical diagrams that show how an asset, or a target, might be attacked which illustrates the security challenges that exist in the ecosystem that it operates in.


How to use

Examples of attack trees

Examples of attack trees can be found here. These examples have been designed throughout the H2020 research project CPSwarm.

                         Example of an Attack Tree : “Modify-Firmware”

p07_update_attack_tags.gif - Update Attack Tags (859 KB) KAIS CHAABOUNI, 12 August 2019 16:05

p08_masking_unmasking_subtrees.gif - Masking and Unmasking sub trees (775 KB) KAIS CHAABOUNI, 12 August 2019 16:08

p09_referencing_trees.gif - Referencing trees (640 KB) KAIS CHAABOUNI, 12 August 2019 16:21

Tree_Diagram_Example.png - Example of an attack tree (46.8 KB) KAIS CHAABOUNI, 23 September 2019 14:26

Modify-Firmware-Diagram.png (44.3 KB) KAIS CHAABOUNI, 30 September 2019 10:07