Integration with the SQL Designer module


When used in conjunction with the SQL Designer module, the Hibernate Designer module enables you to control all aspects related to the data persistence of a Java J2EE application.

The Hibernate Designer module ensures the management of “Java data model” and object/relational mapping aspects, while the SQL Designer module handles the database modeling aspects.

The SQL Designer module

The SQL Designer module is an extension of the Modelio modeler, dedicated to the generation and reverse of SQL script files.
The SQL Designer module includes the following features:

  • Graphical representation and modeling of an SQL model
    • At conceptual level (data model)
    • At logical level (table model)
    • Transformation of a data model into a table model, and of a table model into a data model
  • Generation of SQL script files: Generation of SQL script files from a table model (logical model)
  • Reverse of SQL script files: Reverse of SQL database scripts to table models
  • Integration with the Hibernate Designer module: Used in conjunction with the Hibernate Designer module, the SQL Designer module enables you to generate the database script, the Java data model and the Hibernate mapping files between the database and the data model.