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parameter.JavaDocOptions.label                        = Generation options
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parameter.JavahGenerationPath.description             = Path of the .h files generated by "javah", needed to implement native methods.
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parameter.JavahGenerationPath.label                   = Native .h files generation path
parameter.LockGeneratedFiles.description              = All sources files generated from read only model elements will also be read only, to avoid unwanted modifications.\r\nYou must generate again after getting a lock in order to make the according files writable.
parameter.LockGeneratedFiles.label                    = Generate read only files
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parameter.PackageJarInRamc.description                = If checked, Java ARchives are included in packaged model components.
327 325
parameter.PackageJarInRamc.label                      = Add Jar files in model component
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parameter.PackageSrcInRamc.description                = If checked, Java source files are included in packaged model components.
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parameter.ReadOnlyBehaviour.Overwrite.label           = Overwrite
370 368
parameter.ReadOnlyBehaviour.description               = What to do during generation of a non modifiable element if the file on disk has been modified since last generation:\r\n- "Overwrite" the file;\r\n- "Backup" the modified file into a .mine file;\r\n- "Ignore" the element and keep the modified file;\r\n- "Cancel" generation.
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parameter.ReadOnlyBehaviour.label                     = Non modifiable element generation behaviour
parameter.ReadOnlyElementNotGenerated.description     = Deactivate Java source generation for non modifiable elements. If this tickbox is checked, the Java file is not generated if the element has not been locked by the user.\r\nHowever, generation is carried out recursively on all sub-elements. In this way, you can run the generation command on the non modifiable root package, in order to only generated elements that have been locked.
parameter.ReadOnlyElementNotGenerated.label           = Do not generate non modifiable elements
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parameter.RetrieveDefaultBehaviour.Ask.label          = Ask
375 371
parameter.RetrieveDefaultBehaviour.Keep.label         = Keep
376 372
parameter.RetrieveDefaultBehaviour.Retrieve.label     = Retrieve

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