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Ui.Parameter.JavaDocOptions.Label                    = Generation options
355 355
Ui.Parameter.JavahGenerationPath.Description         = Path of the .h files generated by "javah", needed to implement native methods.
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Ui.Parameter.JavahGenerationPath.Label               = Native .h files generation path
Ui.Parameter.LockGeneratedFiles.Description          = All sources files generated from read only model elements will also be read only, to avoid unwanted modifications.\r\nYou must generate again after getting a lock in order to make the according files writable.
Ui.Parameter.LockGeneratedFiles.Label                = Generate read only files
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Ui.Parameter.PackageJarInRamc.Description            = If checked, Java ARchives are included in packaged model components.
360 358
Ui.Parameter.PackageJarInRamc.Label                  = Add Jar files in model component
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Ui.Parameter.PackageSrcInRamc.Description            = If checked, Java source files are included in packaged model components.
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Ui.Parameter.PublicAccessorVisibility.Label          = Visibility for getters generated from "Public" elements
375 373
Ui.Parameter.PublicModifierVisibility.Description    = Each time a setter is created from a "Public" attribute, its visibility will be set to this value.
376 374
Ui.Parameter.PublicModifierVisibility.Label          = Visibility for setters generated from "Public" elements
Ui.Parameter.ReadOnlyElementNotGenerated.Description = Deactivate Java source generation for elements in read only mode. If this tickbox is checked, the Java file is not generated if the element has not been checked-out.\r\nHowever, generation is carried out recursively on all sub-elements. In this way, you can run the generation command on the root package in read only mode, in order to only generated elements that have been checked-out.
Ui.Parameter.ReadOnlyElementNotGenerated.Label       = Do not generate read-only elements
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Ui.Parameter.RetrieveDefaultBehaviour.Description    = What to do during generation if the file on disk has been modified since last generation:\r\n- "Ask" the user confirmation.\r\n- "Keep" the model and overwrite the modified file.\r\n- "Retrieve" the file content.
380 376
Ui.Parameter.RetrieveDefaultBehaviour.Label          = Default behavior for file retrieving
381 377
Ui.Parameter.RetrieveMode.Ask                        = Ask

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