Introducing Modelio Java Designer


Welcome to the Modelio Java Designer user guide!

Modelio Java Designer generates a Java application from a Modelio model, and also manages the generation of its documentation.

Modelio Java Designers automatic model completion features makes your modeling easier by managing accessors and implementing interfaces methods.

During the modeling phase, a reverse feature is provided to enable you to use classes in existing libraries, especially the JDK (Java Development Kit).

Modelio Java Designer functions

Modelio Java Designer provides five main features:

Powerful means of parameterization are also provided through:

Adapting to your development environment

Modelio Java Designer provides two functioning modes, to ensure consistency at all times between the model built in Modelio and the code produced:

  • The model-driven mode generates the entire Java application from the model and retrieves the code inserted using markers.

  • The round-trip mode combines code generation and reverse operations, retrieves freely typed code and creates new model elements when needed.

Tools used

To use Modelio Java Designer, you need a JDK 1.7 or later.

Note: You must have a JDK. The JRE allows Java programs to be run, but does not allow them to be developed (compilation, documentation generation).