Java documentation generation functions

Generating documentation

To generate the documentation for a package, run the “Java Designer/Generate JavaDoc” command.

Visualize documentation

To display the documentation you have just generated, run the “Java Designer/Visualize JavaDoc” command. Your default HTML browser is automatically chosen.

Customizing Javadoc generation

Javadoc generation can be customized in the “JavaDoc” group when configuring Modelio Java Designer parameters.


  • “Generate JavaDoc”: This parameter is used to activate or deactivate JavaDoc generation in source files.

  • “Generate "description” notes as “javadoc” “: This parameter lets you generate "description” notes found in the model as “Javadoc” notes. This can be useful when a general design model is converted into a Java-specific model.

  • “Generation options”: This parameter defines the options given to the JavaDoc tool.

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