From 30 May 2012 to 28 June 2012

28 June 2012

10:19 Issue #64: Error with reverse in version 2.1.00
First, about your Modelio 2.1.1 tests, I'm not surprised they failed: JavaDesigner 2.1.xx needs the Modelio 2.2 metam... Christophe Malgouyres

18 June 2012

13:28 Issue #64: Error with reverse in version 2.1.00
Previous tests were performed with Modelio 2.1.1. New tests have been performed with Modelio 2.2, and now the reverse... Marijan Matic

14 June 2012

09:38 Java Designer development Revision 287: Fixes Javadoc peer service without gui...
Christophe Malgouyres

09 June 2012

17:03 Issue #64 (New): Error with reverse in version 2.1.00
Tested reverse with different JDK 7 packages/subpackages.
1. reverse full JDK - failed Out of Memory (used max pos...
Marijan Matic

04 June 2012

15:48 Java Designer development Revision 286: Include module documentation.
Christophe Malgouyres
15:47 Java Designer development Revision 285: Removes empty redefinition of init()
Christophe Malgouyres

30 May 2012

11:39 Java Designer development Revision 284: Deletes empty packages.
Christophe Malgouyres
11:35 Java Designer development Revision 283: Removes branches/fja after merge into the trunk.
Christophe Malgouyres
11:34 Java Designer development Revision 282: JavaDesigner 2.1.00: merge with FJA's branch.
Christophe Malgouyres
11:23 Java Designer development Revision 281: Handles the static modifier on classes.
Christophe Malgouyres
09:43 Issue #60: Reversing Java projects with dependencies with other projects
Thank you, I forgot the documentation wiki is part of another project... Links fixed. Christophe Malgouyres
09:36 Issue #40: Strange XML error while reversing Java project
We're currently doing our final tests before release, 2.1.0 should be uploaded this week. Christophe Malgouyres

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