From 29 July 2012 to 27 August 2012

27 August 2012

15:00 Java Designer development Revision 294: Renamed the report dialog.
Christophe Malgouyres
14:57 Java Designer development Revision 293: Directories are now created at the end of the generation process, like files.
Christophe Malgouyres
14:43 Java Designer development Revision 292: Fixes a type lookup problem for inner classes in jars (for example java.util.Map.En...
Christophe Malgouyres
14:34 Issue #72 (Feedback): Reverse of enumeration items with int constructor
I'm unable to reproduce this error with JavaDesigner 2.1.00, could you please confirm you're working with this version? Christophe Malgouyres
14:06 Java Designer development Revision 291: Annotations described in the model are now generated after the automatic @objid ann...
Christophe Malgouyres
14:04 Java Designer development Revision 290: Parameter multiplicities shouldn't be reseted in a few cases (like n..m with n, m >...
Christophe Malgouyres

20 August 2012

11:37 Issue #72 (Feedback): Reverse of enumeration items with int constructor
Good morning,
I just noticed the following anomaly when doing a reverse on the following enumeration:...
Michael Dahlke

09 August 2012

17:08 Issue #71: Reversing "implicit" imports for inheritance fail
This one is driving me mad : I'm finding very strange bugs in inheritance and associations too... Reversing only seem... Michaël Piffret
16:36 Issue #71: Reversing "implicit" imports for inheritance fail
I forgot to join the file... Michaël Piffret
16:34 Issue #71 (Resolved): Reversing "implicit" imports for inheritance fail
I've had a case where reverse-engineering fails to identify the Interface used by a Class, though it is in the Java s... Michaël Piffret
16:27 Evolution #70 (New): Possibility to add "reverse jars" to "projet jars" to facilitate round-trips
I'm trying out reversing code from quite a big software platform, made with Maven and lots of different projects. I f... Michaël Piffret

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