Expert mode

Currently MARTE models can only be specified in Expert mode i.e. all MARTE stereotypes are available without any restriction or constraint (except those defined in the MARTE specification). All stereotypes (including MARTE stereotypes) must be applied on UML element. Thus a MARTE model creation always starts by creating one or more UML element(s) and then applied on this (these) UML element(s) one or more MARTE stereotype(s).

In this section, you will see how to apply the MARTE ClockType stereotype on a UML Class element. At this point, the MARTE module has been deployed (see Deployment section), a package owning a class respectively named 4StrokeEngine and AngleType has been created.

In order to apply the ClockType stereotype on the AngleType class, first of all the AngleType class must be selected, and then click on the Add stereotype button in the Annotation tab.

Starting point

By clicking on Add stereotype button the window, exposed in Figure 5, should appear. Thus the ClockType stereotype application could be done by choosing the ClockType stereotype in the list and then clicking on OK.

Figure 5 Stereotype window

The Figure 6 depicts the result of the ClockType stereotype application on the AngleType Class element.

Figure 6 ClockType application result

Most of MARTE stereotype, have one or more properties. These properties may be specified by using the MARTE tab as shows in the Figure 7.

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