Dependency diagrams

The aim of this automatic diagram is to show the incoming and outgoing dependencies of a namespace N, in order to situate it within the system. This type of diagram answers the questions of “Who uses N?” and “Who does N depend on?”.

Applicable elements

Dependency diagrams can be created on any NameSpace.


  • Namespace N itself.
  • N’s incoming and outgoing NameSpaceUses.


  • N is placed in the center of the diagram.
  • Incoming NameSpaceUses are placed on the right, and aligned vertically.
  • Outgoing NameSpaceUses are placed on the left, and aligned vertically.
  • On every NameSpaceUse link, a label indicates the number of “causes”.
  • N is vertically resized to ensure regular spacing between links.

Note: All elements present in this diagram have a specific associated style.



dependencies_diagram.png (7.81 KB) admin admin, 05 September 2012 11:07