The Modelio Diagrams topic

The Modelio Diagrams topic of the Modelio Modeler user guide contains all the information you need on using Modelio diagrams to build your models.

As well as basic information on how to create and open diagrams, this topic describes how to create and handle elements and links in diagrams (including selecting, moving and modifying elements, redrawing links or changing their values, and showing and masking elements in diagrams).

The different element graphic options are presented in detail, including how to choose element size, and how to define the foreground and background colors and fonts of your choice for different elements at project or diagram level.

Youll also find everything you need to know about using the different services provided by the diagram toolbar (aligning elements, cloning graphic options, activating the grid, copying diagrams as images and saving diagrams in a file).

The Modelio Diagrams topic contains the following sections: