Sub-package diagrams

The aim of this automatic diagram is to show the internal structure of a package, in other words the content of this package, along with the links that exist between its sub-packages. It is often these links which establish the package’s encapsulation function.

Applicable elements

Sub-package diagrams can be created on any Package.


  • Package P itself is not visible. It is the context of the diagram.
  • P’s sub-packages are viewed in structured mode.
  • Blue links (NameSpaceUse) between P’s sub-packages are viewed.


  • Sub-packages are laid out diagonally.
  • Elements are sorted by the number of links, with those which have the most outgoing links presented on the top left.
  • Outgoing links are on the side of elements, while incoming links are either above or below.

Note: All elements present in this diagram have a specific associated style.



subpackage_structure_diagram.png (7.54 KB) admin admin, 05 September 2012 11:01