Coverage of UML2


Modelio XMI Import/Export is designed to enable all model elements to be imported and exported.

However, at this time, only a part of the elements defined in the UML2 metamodel are managed. Details on exactly what is covered are provided below.

It should also be noted that imports/exports may be incomplete, because of the differences that exist between the UML2 and Modelio metamodels.

Static diagram elements

Class diagrams

All class diagram elements are managed.

Object diagrams

All object diagram elements are managed.

Component diagrams

All component diagram elements are managed.

Deployment diagrams

All deployment diagram elements are managed.

Package diagrams

All package diagram elements are managed.

Composite structure diagrams

All composite structure diagram elements are managed.

Behavioral diagram elements

Use case diagrams

All use case diagram elements are managed.

State diagrams

All state diagram elements are managed.

Activity diagrams

All activity diagram elements are managed.

Dynamic diagram elements

Sequence diagrams

All sequence diagram elements are managed.

Communication diagrams

Communication diagram elements are not yet managed.

Timing diagrams

Timing diagram elements are not managed by Modelio.

Auxiliary constructions

Templates are managed.


Profiles can be imported into Modelio but they must be defined in a module.
So the UML profile must be imported into a module by using the XMI Import Profile command.

Profiles can also be exported from Modelio by using the XMI Export Profile command.

Modelio compatibility option

By activating the Modelio/Modelio compatibility option, it is possible to export and reimport notes with their associated type. If this option has not been activated, the types of notes are lost (UML2 restriction). By default, imported notes are of “comment” type.

Note: Some metaclasses define notions that are only present either in UML2 or in Modelio, but not in both. These cannot be imported or exported.

Examples: In sequence diagrams, “Continuations” do not exist in Modelio and cannot therefore be imported. “ConsiderIgnoreFragments” are imported simply as “CombinedFragments”.