Introducing Modelio XMI Import/Export


Modelio XMI Import/Export lets you exchange UML2 models (and not BPMN models) between tools that support the import/export of XMI files. The supported formats are XMI EMF-UML2 v3.0.0, OMG2.1.1, OMG2.2, OMG2.3 and OMG2.4.1.

Modelio XMI Import/Export provides four commands:

You can configure these commands through dedicated parameters

Model consistency

Modelio permanently guarantees the consistency of the models you build, meaning that models exported from Modelio will be consistent with the UML2 norm.

However, if the models you import do not fully satisfy Modelio’s consistency checks, any problem detected will be displayed by the Modelio audit. If a block error is detected, the import will be aborted.


The current version of Modelio XMI Import/Export does not provide coverage of the entire UML2 standard. For more information, please see the Coverage of UML2 section of this userguide.