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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
83Modelio 2IssueAssignedHightrouble importing SysML XMIEtienne Brosse17 January 2013 15:52
82Modelio 2IssueNewMediumDependency link arrow not correctly displayed 08 January 2013 16:27
78Modelio 2IssueFeedbackMediumProblem in using provided and required interfaces in multiple diagramsChristophe Malgouyres14 January 2013 13:55
77Java applicationIssueNewMedium"Implement Interfaces Properties" does not work if the class is an abstract class09 November 2012 05:12
75Modelio 2IssueNewMediumAllowing Note to be attached to more than one elements03 September 2012 03:46
73Modelio 2IssueResolvedMediumNeed a Print Setup menu optionAntonio Pedro07 February 2020 12:41
66Modelio 2IssueAssignedMediumModeling a CRTP class layout makes Modelio crashesCédric Marin18 July 2012 10:15
65Modelio 2IssueResolvedMediumPackage "name display mode" issueChristophe Malgouyres12 September 2012 14:04
61Modelio 2IssueAssignedHighError when adding 'combine fragment' node.François Poyer21 August 2012 15:14
59Modelio 2IssueNewMediumUnmasking links to other classes should be automatic25 May 2012 15:54
51Modelio 2IssueAssignedMediumf Zooming OUT more than 2 levels, then after adding a "Combined Fragment" node to an "Interaction" element, Modelio hangs and stops working.François Poyer21 August 2012 15:19
44Modelio 2IssueAssignedMediumNo possibility to export vector graphicsFrançois Poyer18 November 2016 06:46
41Modelio 2IssueNewMediumError message with Link EditorFrançois Poyer03 April 2012 10:26
30C++ coreIssueResolvedHighMac OS X obasic Compiation errorCédric Marin22 October 2013 15:23
28Modelio 2IssueResolvedMediumSoaML ServiceArchitecture diagram errorAntonin Abhervé18 June 2020 07:34
10Modelio 2IssueAssignedMediumXMI import errorEtienne Brosse17 October 2011 15:57
7Modelio 2IssueResolvedMediumCrash when opening a project If Modelio is run in a VirtualBoxCédric Marin10 October 2011 16:02


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