Modelio 2.2.0 Released (260 comments)

Added by Philippe Vlaemynck over 8 years ago

The Modelio development team is pleased to announce the Modelio 2.2 release.

Modelio 2.2 is available for both Windows and Linux platforms (details…)

Modelio 2.2.0 (120 comments)

Added by Philippe Vlaemynck over 8 years ago

The new Modelio 2.2.0 version planned for June 2012 will provide several new features.

Automatic diagram generation

Modelio 2.2.0 can now automatically create static (class) diagrams from a model.

Created diagrams are:

  • Class structure diagram
    Diagram showing how a class is made in terms of attributes, associations and inheritance.
  • Class inheritance diagram
    Diagram showing where a given class is located in its inheritance graph.
  • Package contents structure diagram
    Diagram showing the internal structure of a package (the package contents and the main links between its contained elements).
  • SubPackage structure diagram
    Diagram showing the sub-packages of a package (the sub-package and the dependencies between them).
  • Dependency diagram
    Diagram showing the incoming and outgoing dependencies of a package. This diagram helps situating a package in the application design and analyzing the impacts of changes in the model.

Namespacing links

This new feature, available on Packages and Components, allows to display the ownership relation between namespaces in the form of links.

NamespaceUse links and the Fast Link Editor

The NamespaceUse links are dependency links that are automatically computed by Modelio each time the model is modified. They are precious for impact analysis. In Modelio 2.2.0 these links can be displayed by the Fast Link Editor.


Modelio’s XMI services are now accessible to modules.
Module developers have the possibility to call these XMI services to produce or import XMI files.

Modelio log file visualization

A new command displays the Modelio log file contents directly in a text editor, thereby solving the puzzling question that we all face one day: where is this damned log file?

Maven support

Modelio 2.2.0 opens up to the world of Maven.

  • A Modelio maven plugin is provided that can be used in a Maven production chain to carry out code generation tasks.
  • A first Maven archetype is provided to create module development project, greatly simplifying the initial setup and further developments of such projects.
  • The Modelio archetype and plugin, along with the main jar files required for module development are made available on a public Maven repository:

New command line options

The new ‘-create’ and ‘-template’ command line options allow creating new projects when using Modelio in batch mode. A must have for integration process automation.


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