Building modelio

So you want to build Modelio from its source files…

Modelio is an RCP application, built from a bunch of plugins and a C++ library. Therefore to build an executable binary for Modelio you have to build several components and assemble them together.
The components to build are:

  • obasic – a static c++ library
  • oramcs – a static c++ lirary
  • modelio.binaries – a C++ dynamic library
  • modelio.plugins – a set of application plugins to be plugged in the Modelio RCP platform.

The whole process requires source files and tools which are detailed below.

Source files

Modelio source files, both C++ and Java, are available in the form of two download-able zip archives here.

  • – contains all the modelio C++ source files used to build obasic, oramcs and modelio.binaries, along with their corresponding makefiles.
  • – contains all the Java files for the modelio application plugins.

Required Tools and Libraries

Build procedure

Follow the steps described below in the indicated order. Use the links to read each step full details.

  • Step 1 Install required tools.
  • Step 2 Setup a working space.
  • Step 3 Install libraries.
  • Step 4 Install source code
  • Step 5 Compile the Modelio Core Library
  • Step 6 Compile the Modelio plugins
  • Step 7 Package the Modelio application