Getting modelio 3.x sources

Download sources

You can get the Modelio 3.x sources in two different ways.

Download an archive

The Modelio 3.x sources archives are available in the files section.
Download the latest version and uncompress it in an empty directory.

With Subversion client

You can checkout the sources with a Subversion client by running the following command:

  • Modelio 3.1.x:

    svn checkout modelio3.1-sources
  • Modelio 3.2.x:

    svn checkout modelio3.2-sources
  • Modelio 3.3.x:

    svn checkout modelio3.3-sources
  • Modelio 3.4.x:

    svn checkout modelio3.4-sources
  • Modelio 3.5.x:

    svn checkout modelio3.5-sources
  • Modelio 3.6.x:

    svn checkout modelio3.6-sources

Directory structure

Once you have uncompressed the archive or checked-out the sources, you will obtain the following tree structure:

From Modelio 3.6:

 |- eclipse.resources/
 |- modelio.bpmn/
 |- modelio.uml/
 |- platform.core/
 |- pom.xml

Before Modelio 3.6:

 |- api/
 |- api.impl/
 |- app.core/
 |- vaudit/
 |- xmi/
 |- pom.xml

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