Metamodel services

Modelio v3

Metamodel services are used to query the Modelio metamodel.

Querying about metaclasses

The Modelio metamodel metaclasses have corresponding Java interfaces used to manipulate the model elements. These Java interfaces are named from the metamodel metaclass name following the Model API naming rules.

In the following the XXXX notation indicates a Java interface representing a metaclass.

The metamodel services on IMetamodelService allows to:

  • get a metaclass name given a IXXXX interface

    String getMetaclassName( Class<? extends MObject> metaclass)

  • get the IXXX interface for a given metaclass name,

    Class<? extends MObject> getMetaclass(String)

  • get the list of the IXXX interfaces inheriting from a given IXXX interface,

    List< Class<? extends MObject>> getInheritingMetaclasses( Class<? extends MObject> metaclass)