About this guide

This guide explains how to develop modules for Modelio.

Concretely, this guide presents a simplified real case study and a tutorial. It goes into detail down to code level when required and when there is a real added value in these details, and remains more general in well known and explored domains

After reading this document, the reader should be able to create, package and deploy its own modules or modify existing modules, with a clear view of mechanisms and their implementation in Modelio.

Beside the big picture this guide provides, the detailed information about the Modelio API can be found here :

  • Module Reference Guide : detailed description of directory structure and the files required to build a module as well as the documentation of XML files

  • Modelio MDA API : presentation of the Modelio Java API, the transaction mechanism, the principle of model navigation and element creation.

  • Modelio MDA API JavaDoc : the detailed description of the Java API

  • Modelio metamodel user guide : detailed description of the Modelio metamodel.

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