Updating version

Each time a module is delivered to users, its version should be increased. To do this, two files should be edited.


Version attribute should be changed. Beware not to change the last digit group (8006) which is the metamodel version.

1    <module uid="f83e4fa4-ad92-11de-80db-0014224f9977" 
2        name="JUnitModule"
3        version="" binaryversion="" 
4        licenseRequired="false"
5        class="org.tutosland.junitmodule.impl.JUnitMdac">

JUnitModule.xml ant build file

 1The version number should be reported, without the metamodel version part, in the property module.version value.
 3    <target name="init">
 4        <echo message="Initializing Ant properties"/>
 5        <property name="module.name" value="JUnit"/>
 6        <property name="module.version" value="0.1.00" />
 7        <property name="generation.path" location="src" />
 8        <property name="compilation.path" location="bin" />
 9        <property name="packaging.path" location="mdac" />
10    </target>

Both files should be kept synchronized in term of version number.

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