If an ActivityPartition represents a Part and is contained in a super ActivityPartition, then the super ActivityPartition must represent a Classifier containing the Part or a Part that instanciates that Classifier.


If an ActivityPartition represents a Part and is contained by another ActivityPartition, then the Part must be of a Classifier represented by the containing ActivityPartition, or of a Classifier that is the type of a Part represented by the containing ActivityPartition.


  • Both the “Development” (representing “Developers”) and “Support” (representing “Technicians”) ActivityPartitions are valid because their super ActivityPartition “IT Service” represents a Part that is typed by the “ITService” Classifier, which contains “Developers” and “Technicians”.

  • The “Recruitment” (representing “Recruiters”) and “Management” (representing “Managers”) ActivityPartitions are invalid because their super ActivityPartition represents the Classifier “ManagementService”, which does not contain the “Recruiters” and “Managers” Parts.


Getting an R1100 error indicates an inconsistency between the organization of the ActivityPartitions and the structure of the Classifiers and _Parts

they represent. The solution usually implies the reorganization of the ActivityPartitions to respect the design expressed by the structure of the represented Classifiers and Parts, or the modification of the design of the represented Classifiers and Parts so they respect the responsibility scheme expressed by the organization of the ActivityPartitions_.

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