A LinkThrowEvent should have the same name as the targeted LinkCatchEvent.


Pairing a LinkThrowEvent and a LinkCatchEvent is a powerful construction in BPMN that helps simplifying large diagrams and increasing their readability. The construction is similar to a “Goto / Label” in programming. For full details about BPMN link throw/catch event pairs, please see rule R3120.

The increased readability of the link throw/catch events construction is improved by using the same name for both the link throw and the link catch event nodes.

The R3200 rules monitors pairs of link throw and catch events and checks that their names match.


Fixing the rule R3200 report is simple, simply rename one of the events so that its name matches the other event name.

In order to help identifying link throw/catch pairs in a diagram, Modelio points them when any one of them is selected in the diagram.