Annotating elements

Modelio 3 supports different annotation mechanisms used to complete model element properties.

These annotations are:

  • Stereotypes – which are used to modify/refine the type of an object ( ~ as if the Stereotype was a metaclass typing the element).
  • Tagged values – used to add properties to the element ( ~ the attributes brought by the stereotype to the element)
  • Notes & Constraints – text data associated to the element. Used for many purposes: description, documentation, code, and so on.
  • Rich notes – similar to notes. However the contents can be of any (supported) kind: HTML, OpenOffice or Word document, and so on…

Very often annotations are fully managed by modules in a way transparent to the end-user, with the module providing a dedicated GUI which is more user-friendly than a set of annotations.

However, each annotation remains manipulable per se using the standard Modelio GUI: