Creation shortcuts in Activity diagrams

Two kind of shortcuts are available:

  • to activate a creation tool as if clicking on the diagram palette.
  • to directly create and unmask an element in the diagram.
Activate creation tool Create element
ShortcutActivated toolShortcutCreated element
A Action CTRL-N CTRL-A Action
B Call behavior CTRL-N CTRL-B Call behavior
C Conditionnal node CTRL-N CTRL-C Conditionnal node
D Data store CTRL-N CTRL-D Data store
E Change event CTRL-N CTRL-E Change event
F Activity final node CTRL-N CTRL-F Activity final node
I Initial node CTRL-N CTRL-I Initial node
J Fork join CTRL-N CTRL-J Fork join
L Loop node CTRL-N CTRL-L Loop node
M Merge CTRL-N CTRL-M Merge
O Object node CTRL-N CTRL-O Object node
P Input pin CTRL-N CTRL-P Input pin
S Accept signal CTRL-N CTRL-S Accept signal
T Time event CTRL-N CTRL-T Time event
V Value pin CTRL-N CTRL-V Value pin
SHIFT -F Flow final node CTRL-N CTRL-SHIFT -F Flow final node
SHIFT + P Output pin CTRL-N CTRL-SHIFT + P Output pin
SHIFT-S Send signal CTRL-N CTRL-SHIFT-S Send signal
SPACE Smart Flow
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