Using shortcuts

Main keyboard shortcuts available in Modelio:

  • Ctrl+A in diagram edition view: Selects all elements in the diagram.

  • Ctrl+C in explorer views: Copies the selected element.

  • Ctrl+D in explorer views: Moves the selected element down one level.

  • Ctrl+M in diagram edition view: Masks the selected element.

  • Ctrl+S in diagram edition and explorer views : Carries out a save operation.

  • Ctrl+U in explorers view: Moves the selected element up one level.

  • Ctrl+V in explorer views: Pastes the selected element.

  • Ctrl+X in explorer views: Cuts the selected element.

  • Ctrl+Y in diagram edition and explorer views: Redoes the last cancelled operation.

  • Ctrl+Z in diagram edition and explorer views: Undoes the last operation carried out.

  • Ctrl+Alt+click on an association in the explorer view: selects the opposite end of the association.

  • / in diagram edition view : Switches to 1:1 scale.