From 22 May 2014 to 20 June 2014

20 June 2014

17:25 Issue #192 (Resolved): Event Copy/Clone is impossible
The copy or clon of an event (create under a state machine) is forbidden by Modelio. It should be possible.
Etienne Brosse

02 June 2014

09:09 Evolution #191 (Resolved): New SVN Granularity for Analyst Element
With Modelio model elements have a fine level of granularity versionning i.e. not at package level but at class level... Etienne Brosse

22 May 2014

13:15 Modelio 3.1.2 released!
<ins>Fixes / Improvements:</ins>
* Fixes Element view refresh.
* Fixes in BPMN diagrams.
* Fixes in Sequence dia...
Christophe Demeulemeester

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