From 22 August 2014 to 20 September 2014

07 September 2014

16:10 Issue #199 (Resolved): Arrow for UML interface realization incorrectly drawn
In UML, the arrow that indicates an interface realization is drawn solid, while the line connecting the realizing cla... Eric Veith

01 September 2014

09:52 Evolution #191 (Resolved): New SVN Granularity for Analyst Element
Done for Modelio 3.2 .
Modelio 3.1 SVN models will be migrated after user confirmation when opening the project in...
Cédric Marin

22 August 2014

11:18 Evolution #198 (New): Support for contributing custom views to Modelio
Modules can currently contribute property views to Modelio, however it would be nice if in future versions of the too... Dimitris Kolovos

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