From 24 September 2014 to 23 October 2014

23 October 2014

16:10 Modeler Module Revision 68: Upgrade module.xml to new Modelio 3.2 format.
Christophe Malgouyres
15:58 Issue #206 (New): Unmasking an interface N-ary link does not show the interfaces
I create a pair of classes, each with a port, one port providing an interface and one requiring the same. I connect t... Brian Sipos
15:18 Issue #181: Workspace conflict with eclipse
I have a work-around to this issue on my system; I created a wrapper shell script containing:
Brian Sipos
14:49 Issue #205 (New): Interface links cannot be shared between diagrams
I am running Modelio 3.1.2 on both Linux (Fedora-19) and Windows (Win-7). An issue I have run into is when using port... Brian Sipos

19 October 2014

21:50 Issue #204: Exported XMI file broken
Do now parse the XMI using the name of the element (=transition) instead of the type attribute. Peter Mueller

16 October 2014

23:44 Issue #204: Exported XMI file broken
My Description was not fully taken over the XML is missing. I will try it with inline code:
`<transition xmi:id="_...
Peter Mueller
23:42 Issue #204 (Assigned): Exported XMI file broken
When exporting an xmi with model containing a state machine the following problem occurs:
<transition xmi:id="_tKp...
Peter Mueller

02 October 2014

11:30 Modeler Module ModelerModule_8.3.00.jmdac
Christophe Demeulemeester

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