From 13 May 2015 to 11 June 2015

11 June 2015

16:55 Issue #246 (New): Exceptions while running Modelio 3.3.1 in Eclipse IDE
When i am running Modelio using source code from Eclipse IDE, It throws following exception very frequently:
Prashant Gupta

02 June 2015

16:40 Issue #244: Non trapped exception when canceling an action
Most of time, despite of the error, the action is actually canceled. Patrice Fontaine
16:21 Issue #244 (Feedback): Non trapped exception when canceling an action
Very often (hafl times), when I want to cancel an action, Modelio Modeler throws this Exception :
Patrice Fontaine
16:34 Issue #245 (New): BPMN Diagram: icon shape broken when transforming the element with a long caption
Steps to reproduce :
- create a new BPMN collaboration diagram
- create a start event
- set the following caption ...
Patrice Fontaine
16:05 Evolution #243 (New): Allowing automatic carriage returns into labels
The captions / labels attached to a symbol are always drawn in one line. It is not possible to force carriage return ... Patrice Fontaine
15:45 Issue #238: Crash when a "free drawing" is selected
I can reproduce the same symptom when hovering a BPMN lane with a free text.
java.lang.ClassCastException: java....
Patrice Fontaine

01 June 2015

11:02 Issue #242 (New): CommandImplementations for BoxCommand & ContextualCommand
Until MDAKit 3.0.5 there were available classes named DefaultModuleContextualCommand & DefaultBoxCommand that we coul... Prashant Gupta

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