From 10 December 2015 to 08 January 2016

17 December 2015

10:47 Issue #267 (Resolved): In the workspace panel, renaming a project created with an older version m...
Reproduction scenario:
- import the attached "Prenom" project,
- Rename "Prenom NOM" as "Tryphon TOURNESO...
Aurélien Bénel

11 December 2015

17:53 Issue #265 (Resolved): Debian: Opening objects fails with not found
In a fresh installation (unpacked the zipped binaries) on Debian testing, I experience the following problem:
Daniel Hornung

10 December 2015

16:31 Modelio application Revision 18: Modelio 3.4.1a
Frédéric Ferran
15:03 Modelio application
Frédéric Ferran

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