From 03 November 2016 to 02 December 2016

30 November 2016

17:33 Issue #307 (Assigned): xmi export failed
Etienne Brosse
14:00 Issue #307 (Resolved): xmi export failed
When i assign type (from external personal library ) to class attribute, the xmi export field like the attached file Hamissou HAROUNA KOCHE

29 November 2016

11:21 Issue #306 (Resolved): <<use>>-Link prevents XMI export
The existence of a usage-dependency in a package seems to cause a Null Pointer exception when the package is XMI-expo... Bernd Wagner

22 November 2016

16:37 Modeler Module ModelerModule_8.7.09.jmdac
ModelerModule 8.7.09 for Modelio 3.6.0 admin admin
15:02 Modelio 3.6.0 RC1 released!
Modelio 3.6.0 RC1 released!
<ins>New features:</ins>
* New ‘Properties’ view combining the ‘Element’, ‘Notes & ...
admin admin

03 November 2016

11:04 Issue #267 (Resolved): In the workspace panel, renaming a project created with an older version m...
Fixed for Modelio 3.6.?
The 'modelioVersion' project attribute was rewritten with "null" string value.
Now an...
Cédric Marin
10:39 Issue #267: In the workspace panel, renaming a project created with an older version makes it dis...
Reproduced on Modelio 3.6 .
The log file then contains a stack trace:...
Cédric Marin
10:32 Issue #265 (Resolved): Debian: Opening objects fails with not found
According to a [stackoverflow question]( Cédric Marin
10:21 Issue #247 (Closed): Regression? PlatformUI.getWorkbench() fails on modelio 3, works on modelio 2.2
Modelio 3 is based on Eclipse RCP version 4.
`PlatformUI` is an Eclipse 3 class, not usable without the Eclipse 3 ...
Cédric Marin
10:09 Issue #269 (Closed): Internal error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
Unable to reproduce on Modelio 3.6 .
If someone manages to reproduce it, please attach the Modelio log file that s...
Cédric Marin

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