Sample SoaML Model

The Sample SoaML model presents examples of diagrams proposed by the Modelio SoaML module. These diagrams are outlined below.

Figure 33 capability diagram

The Capability Diagram specifies sample capabilities for the Purchase Order example from the SoaML specification. OrderProcessing capability uses Shipping capability in order to fulfill its functionalities.

Figure 34 services interface diagram

The Service Interface diagram is illustrated by a Place Order Service which involves a provider and consumer interfaces: Order Taker and Order Placer respectively. The conjugate service concept is illustrated with the ~Place Order Service.

Figure 35 service contract diagram

The Service Contract diagram describes the Place Order service contract, which involves the Order Placer consumer interface and the Order Taker provider interface.

Figure 36 message diagram

The Message diagram is used to specify the Purchase Order Message Type (POMessage). The POMessage includes a Form attachment as well as customer and po fields typed by Customer class and Purchase Order data type respectively.

Figure 37 participant diagram

The Participant diagram depicts a Dealer participant requesting a Place Order Service, which in its turn provide Order Taker interface and requires Order Placer interface.

Figure 38 service architecture diagram

Finally, the Service Architecture diagram shows that a Dialer and a Manufacturer collaborate over the Place Order service contract specified above.

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