SoaML Models Creation in an Expert Mode

The above section presented the Modelio approach for SoaML modelling using dedicated diagrams. These diagrams allow to clearly separate concerns and concentrate on major use-case for SoaML modelling. For the sake of clearness and user-friendliness, this is achieved by reducing the usage of the SoaML.

The SoaML module fully covers the whole collection of stereotypes defined in the specification. In order to benefit from this, one may use Modelio in an expert mode. In this mode, a user should create UML models and then annotate them with SoaML stereotypes.

The following example gives instructions on annotations of UML elements with SoaML stereotypes.

Create any UML element. Go to “MDA annotations” window and choose the stereotype button (Figure 28).

Figure 28 Creating UML Class

Only applicable SoaML stereotypes are shown in the dialogue window (Figure 29).

Figure 29 SoaML Stereotypes.

This mechanism is applicable for all stereotypes described in the SoaML specification.

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