Specifying Participants Behavior with BPMN

It is possible to specify behavior of SoaML Participants with BPMN. This feature is used by transformations to BPEL implementations.

In order to create a BPMN process representing the participant implementation in BPMN, right-click on the Participant element in the model browser and activate BPMN Implementation command.

Figure 30 Creating BPMN Implementation for SoaML Participant.

A BPMN activity is created and a BPMN diagram is opened.

The SoaML Engine module (when deployed) allows refining the BPMN models with operation invocations.

If the Participant contains the ports typed with service interfaces, it is possible for each activity to select a relevant operation from the port (see Figure 31).

This information is used later for BPEL model transformation.

Figure 31 Refining BPMN model with operation invocation

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